Please start the video at the 2:12 mark to see Ruth speak about the design business and New Angle Design.

After graduating from college with a degree in Interior Design, I took my first job as an Interior Designer in 1985, designing kitchens and baths in Atlanta.  While I was there I worked for several different companies before moving to Pittsburgh in 1996. 
I opened New Angle Design in 1999.  I love designing and I like designing kitchens and baths that are unique.  I try to put a sense of Wow! into all of my designs.  There are three areas I consider before starting any design.  They are integration, aesthetics, and functionality.  I start with integration by looking at the space where the kitchen or bath will be.  It is important that your new room fits the rest of your home and your personal lifestyle.  Then, I get a feel for the type of style you prefer, so I can create an aesthetically pleasing unique design that matches your tastes.  And finally, I make sure that the kitchen or bath will function smoothly. 
​The location of each cabinet, appliance, and fixture is carefully chosen to make sure that you have a finished space that you will enjoy.  I am confident that I can design a kitchen or bath for you that you will love.  I create functional aesthetic designs that fit your home and tastes.  Each design is uniquely created to match your needs and style.
-Ruth Thompson


"We completely remodeled our kitchen to a contemporary style. We did not know where to begin, and that's where we sought the expertise of Ruth Thompson from New Angle Design. She was prompt in her design, full of bright new ideas, considerate of certain "must haves" that i wanted in the kitchen, and was an extremely valuable asset to the entire project that she oversaw.   - Dr. P.K.